Unveiling the 76ers’ Options at the Trade Deadline with Bobby Marks

The 76ers Could Make a Splash at the Trade Deadline

The Philadelphia 76ers have been an up-and-coming force in the NBA for some time, and they’re looking to add pieces for the postseason stretch ahead. With the trade deadline approaching, Bobby Marks of ACTION PACKED NEWS takes a closer look at some potential moves for the 76ers. According to Marks, the 76ers have plenty of assets to entice potential trading partners, in particular their mid-level trade exception and younger players. Marks also speculates that Philadelphia’s main target may be a guard, like a defensive-minded shooter or a shooter that can instantly provide offense.

Marks Focuses on Options for the 76ers

Marks notes that the 76ers also have two first-round picks they could use in a deal. He emphasizes that the 76ers need to be strategic in their approach, as they will need to stay below the luxury tax line in order to keep future flexibility. However, Mark’s states that Philadelphia needs to find the right pieces to add to their core in order to make a run in the playoffs. If the 76ers are able to use all of their assets to bring in the right kind of talent, they could be a force to be reckoned with in the Eastern Conference. Be sure to follow ACTION PACKED NEWS for the latest on the Philadelphia 76ers’ trade deadline plans.

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