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Is Your Mind More Suggestible Than You Thought?

Do you ever find yourself easily falling under the spell of a hypnotist? Or maybe you’re more skeptical and resistant to the idea of hypnosis altogether. Either way, you may be wondering what exactly makes some people more hypnotizable than others. In a recent video by WIRED, psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen answers this question and explains the science behind suggestibility.

According to Dr. Amen, who is also an expert on hypnosis, there are two factors that determine how hypnotizable someone is: brain waves and genetics. Brain waves play a crucial role in hypnosis, as the hypnotist uses specific techniques to guide an individual into a trance-like state where their brain waves slow down. This state, known as the alpha brain wave state, is also achieved during meditation or deep relaxation. However, not everyone can easily enter this state, which can greatly impact their susceptibility to suggestions.

Understanding the Link between Brain Waves and Hypnosis

Dr. Amen explains that individuals with high levels of alpha brain waves are more easily hypnotizable. This could be due to genetic factors, as research has shown that certain genes can influence how quickly someone can enter the alpha state. Additionally, people with a calmer and more focused mind may also be more susceptible to suggestions. On the other hand, those with high levels of beta brain waves, which are associated with alertness and problem-solving, may find it harder to enter a hypnotic state.

So, are you hypontizable? The answer may lie in your brain waves and genetic makeup. As Dr. Amen suggests, being able to enter a calm and focused state of mind can greatly increase your susceptibility to hypnosis. However, it’s important to remember that hypnosis is not a form of mind control and individuals always have the power to accept or reject suggestions given to them. Ultimately, understanding the link between brain waves and hypnosis can help us better understand and utilize the power of our minds.

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