“Pacers vs. Celtics OT Showdown: The Shocking Finish That Left NBA Fans Speechless”

PACERS Make Questionable Decisions as Celtics Take the Win in OT

The action packed news world was buzzing after the intense match-up between the Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers on Tuesday night. The Celtics came out on top in an overtime battle, but it wasn’t without some controversy and surprise moments along the way.

The game seemed to be in hand for the Pacers as they held a double-digit lead late in the fourth quarter. However, their questionable choices down the stretch, including a crucial turnover and missed free throws, allowed the Celtics to make a comeback and force overtime. Not to mention, the Pacers’ inexplicable decision to foul Celtics guard Jaylen Brown, a 70% free throw shooter, with just seconds left in regulation, ultimately cost them the game.

Jay Williams and Others Shocked by Pacers’ Strategies

Legendary NBA player Jay Williams couldn’t help but express his disbelief at the Pacers’ actions during the crucial moments of the game. On the show “Get Up,” Williams joined fellow analysts Austin Rivers and Alan Hahn to discuss the shocking outcome of the game.

Williams, who is known for being a clutch performer in his own right, was stunned by the Pacers’ decision to foul Brown in the final seconds of regulation when the Celtics trailed by just three points. Williams even went as far as to call it a “choke job” by the Pacers, implying that their poor choices ultimately cost them the game.

Despite the questionable decisions by the Pacers, credit must also be given to the Celtics for capitalizing on their opponent’s mistakes. They showed resilience and fought back from a double-digit deficit to force the game into overtime, where they ultimately outlasted the Pacers for the win.

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