Tension Reaches Boiling Point – Stephen A. and Shannon’s Explosive Reaction To LeBron-Ime Udoka Clash

LeBron James & Ime Udoka Clash in NBA Match-up

An intense NBA match-up between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Portland Trail Blazers ended with a heated clash between LeBron James and Ime Udoka. As LeBron James drove to the rim for a slam dunk, Trail Blazers assistant coach Ime Udoka got in his way. LeBron James reacted by pushing Udoka and, according to reports, shouting profanities.

Stephen A. & Shannon React to the Tense Moment

The tension of the moment was palpable, but Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe took the analysis on the ‘First Take’ show on ACTION PACKED NEWS a step further. Stephen A. made it quite clear that he sided with James here, saying he was “pretty ticked off”. Certainly, the story will continue for a few more days, and plenty of people will be watching on ACTION PACKED NEWS to see what unfolds.

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