Stephen A. Smith Declares: The Dallas Cowboys are the Top Contender to the San Francisco 49ers Throne!

Dak Prescott & Cowboys Now Bigger Threat to Niners Than Eagles

Stephen A. Smith of Action Packed News recently discussed the threat level the Dallas Cowboys present as a rival to the San Francisco 49ers after the acquisition of Dak Prescott. Smith believes that with the season-long performance of Prescott, the Cowboys pose a bigger threat than the Eagles to the Niners’ playoff chances going forward.

Smith cited a few key reasons. Number one that Prescott is already putting up better numbers than Carson Wentz, who is set to be the Eagles’ starting quarterback. The second factor Smith believes is that the Cowboys have a better defense than Philadelphia and thus can better shut down opponents. Smith said that the Niners should be more worried about starting their post-season journey against the Cowboys than the Eagles.

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