Stephen A.’s Take on KD vs. LeBron: Will the Knicks Come Out on Top?

Stephen A. Smith Predicts the Action-Packed NBA Showdown

The highly anticipated battle between Kevin Durant and LeBron James is soon to take place, and Stephen A. Smith is ready to weigh in with an unmissable YouTube exclusive on First Take. Stephen A. previews this epic clash, and shares his thoughts on the chances of the New York Knicks emerging with a victory.

In a jam-packed episode on First Take, Stephen A. goes on to break down the game with all the authority and razor-sharp insights he is famous for. He evaluates the game from all angles, provides a comprehensive analysis, and brings forth some breathtaking and action-packed predictions. His combined expertise and experience makes for the most captivating of viewing experiences. To catch this exclusive and invaluable sports update, fans mustn’t miss out on the link to the First Take YouTube channel provided on the Action Packed News website,, which promises to provide the latest and the best of the sports world.

This is an episode of First Take you don’t want to miss. Stay tuned with Action Packed News and be the first to catch part two of Stephen A. Smith’s spectacular analysis on the KD vs. Lebron showdown!

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