Cowboys Bigger Threat than the Eagles? Stephen A Weighs In on First Take

Dallas Cowboys Vs. Philadelphia Eagles: Who is the Real Threat?

The NFL rivalry between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles is a longstanding one. On First Take, Stephen A. Smith, Shannon Sharpe and Jeff Saturday join Molly Qerim to discuss who’s the real threat between the two teams. Stephen A believes that despite a great season from the Eagles, it is the Cowboys that will prove to be the bigger threat in the end.

Citing the Eagles tendency to let go of key players each year, it is the Cowboys that offer consistent wins and greater stability for the long run. With an influx of offensive talent in recent years, the Cowboys have managed to turn their team into a well-oiled machine that can win in spectacular, and highly entertaining fashion. As a result, Stephen A. believes that when it comes down to it, the Cowboys are the real threat in the NFL.

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