Snowy Forecast: Winter Storm Warning for January 12, 2024.

Winter Storm Warning in effect for January 12, 2024. Expect cloudy skies, 2 cm of snow, and temperatures ranging from 29.23°F to 49.06°F. Stay safe and prepared!

On January 12, 2024, the weather forecast predicts cloudy skies with the possibility of snow or rain in the afternoon. The local snowfall amount is estimated to be around 2 cm. The day is expected to have a high temperature of 49.06°F and a low temperature of 29.23°F, with humidity levels at 65%. Additionally, a Winter Storm Warning has been issued, indicating the potential for strong winds and moderate to heavy snowfall, particularly affecting the mountains throughout the weekend.

Winter Storm Warning in Effect

A Winter Storm Warning has been declared effective from Friday through Saturday, alerting residents to the potential hazards imposed by severe weather conditions. The warning emphasizes the presence of strong winds and the possibility of moderate to heavy snowfall in mountainous areas, which can significantly impact road and travel conditions. The warning serves as a precautionary measure, urging individuals to take necessary precautions and be prepared for the challenging weather ahead.

Weather Summary (January 12, 2024):

  • Cloudy skies with the possibility of snow or rain in the afternoon.
  • Local snowfall amount expected to be approximately 2 cm.
  • High temperature reaching 49.06°F.
  • Low temperature dropping to 29.23°F.
  • Humidity level at 65%.
  • A Winter Storm Warning in effect throughout the weekend.
  • This weather update provides essential information for residents and travelers planning their activities on January 12, 2024. Being informed about the expected weather conditions, especially the potential for snow, helps individuals make appropriate decisions to ensure their safety and well-being. Furthermore, the Winter Storm Warning serves as a reminder to be cautious and prepared, as adverse weather conditions can create hazardous situations if not approached with care.

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