Severe Weather Alert: Mississippi Braces for Tornado and Cold Snap

Severe weather hits Mississippi, bringing the coldest air since 2022. Tornado watch issued for North Mississippi. Schools on alert.

Severe weather is expected to hit Mississippi and the deep south early next week, bringing the coldest air since December 2022. A wave of rain and winter mix is also anticipated, which could lead to hazardous conditions. A tornado watch has been issued for North Mississippi, along with a wind advisory for the area. Despite this, the weekend is expected to provide a brief break before the arrival of the second major weather event. Area schools are closely monitoring the situation as emergency officials warn of possible impacts. This story is still developing, so check back for updates.

Mississippi to Experience Coldest Air in Months

Mississippi is bracing for the coldest air it has seen since December 2022. The upcoming weather event is expected to bring a combination of rain and winter mix, causing potentially dangerous conditions. In anticipation, a tornado watch has been issued for North Mississippi, indicating the possibility of tornadoes. Additionally, a wind advisory has been issued for the region. Despite the severe weather threat, the weekend will provide a temporary breather before the arrival of another significant weather system. As emergency officials issue warnings, schools in the area are taking precautions to ensure the safety of students and staff. Stay tuned for further updates on this evolving situation.

– Severe weather and coldest air since December 2022 to affect Mississippi and the deep south
– Tornado watch issued for North Mississippi
– Wind advisory in effect for the area
– Weekend to provide a short break before second major weather event
– Area schools monitoring the situation for potential impacts

Source: National Weather Service, Emergency Officials

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