Skip Bayless’ Take on the 2021 College Football Playoff Showdown

Skip Bayless Debates Michigan vs. Alabama in College Football Playoffs

Viewers of Skip Bayless’ show, Undisputed, heard all the latest news and analysis on the upcoming College Football Playoff. Bayless, alongside co-host Shannon Sharpe discussed the prospects of Michigan versus Alabama and Washington versus Texas. Though there is still a long road ahead of us before the games occur, the conversation between the two was anything but dull.

Bayless Debates Impact of College Football Season

Bayless and Sharpe discussed how the games could potentially alter each team’s legacy, as well as how the universities have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. They also touched on the impact of African-American coaches in the college system, and how they are making an impact in spite of the challenges they face. Although both Bayless and Sharpe had differing opinions, it was an action-packed and entertaining debate for Undisputed viewers. For more news and analysis on college football and other sports, make sure to tune in to Action Packed News at

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