Skip Bayless Reacts: Undeniable 49ers Defeating Eagles with Brock Purdy at the Helm?

49ers Soar Above Eagles with Dominant Win

The San Francisco 49ers put the Philadelphia Eagles to shame in a 42-19 shellacking led by quarterback Brock Purdy. The game was neck-and-neck until 4:18 left in the first half, where San Francisco then began to pull away. Purdy outlasted Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts by a narrow margin of 278 to 168 passing yards, and also added 9 carries for 34 yards on the ground. Purdy’s impressive performance triumphed against a stellar day from the Eagle’s Miles Sanders, who carried 14 times for 80 yards and a touchdown.

Bayless React: “49ers Just Too Good”

Skip Bayless of ACTION PACKED NEWS commented on the San Francisco win, noting that “The 49ers were just too good” to prove otherwise. Bayless, who regularly covers the NFL and other professional sports on, noted that the teams in the NFC West are among the strongest in the NFL. He praised the defensive pressure San Francisco put on Philadelphia, predicting the Eagle’s demise late in the first half as the 49ers pulled away. Away from home, Purdy’s leadership and composure were on full display leading the charge for the remainder of the game.

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