Severe Weather Strikes Kanawha County: Power Outages Update

Severe weather strikes Kanawha County, WV, causing widespread outages. Charleston's West Side near full power restoration. Appalachian Power on tenterhooks amidst tornado warning.

On Monday, severe weather hit Kanawha County in West Virginia, causing extensive damage and power outages. Thousands of residents were left without electricity due to two separate outages, with one being attributed to equipment failure. Appalachian Power, the local power utility, has been working tirelessly to restore service to the affected areas. The restoration efforts are currently focused on Charleston’s West Side, where power services are almost completely restored. Preparations are also underway across Kanawha County to deal with the ongoing severe weather conditions. This incident underscores the importance of being prepared for severe weather events and the crucial role played by utility companies in restoring power during such emergencies.

Power Outages in Kanawha County

Kanawha County, located in West Virginia, experienced severe weather on Monday, leading to significant power outages. Thousands of residents were left without power due to two distinct mains failures, with one directly caused by equipment failure, according to Appalachian Power (AEP), the local power company. The restoration efforts initiated by AEP are currently focused on Charleston’s West Side, where power services have almost been fully restored. Meanwhile, crews continue to work diligently to restore electricity to the remaining affected areas.

Preparations for Severe Weather

Ahead of the severe weather, which resulted in power outages, preparations were made across Kanawha County to mitigate potential damages. With National Weather Service issuing a tornado warning, residents were urged to take necessary precautions and stay alert. Recognizing the imminent threat, Appalachian Power mobilized resources and personnel to ensure timely power restoration. Their swift response and efficient restoration process exemplify the importance of preparedness and cooperation during such emergencies.


  • Severe weather in Kanawha County, West Virginia, caused power outages for thousands of residents.
  • Two separate outages occurred, with one attributed to equipment failure.
  • Restoration efforts are currently focused on Charleston’s West Side, with power services almost fully restored.
  • Preparations were made across Kanawha County ahead of severe weather, following a tornado warning issued by the National Weather Service.
  • Source: WCHS

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