Jeff Bezos Adds $90 Million Florida Mansion

Jeff Bezos splurges on $90 million mansion in luxurious Indian Creek, Florida, adding to his growing real estate portfolio on the elite island.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Inc., has recently made a significant purchase in South Florida. In an off-market transaction, Bezos agreed to pay approximately $90 million for a six-bedroom home in the picturesque Miami-area enclave of Indian Creek. This acquisition marks the expansion of Bezos’ real estate empire, as it becomes his third mansion on the exclusive Indian Creek island.

Expanding his Real Estate Holdings

Jeff Bezos, the renowned entrepreneur and billionaire, has added to his already impressive collection of properties by purchasing a new mansion in Florida. With a price tag of $90 million, this six-bedroom home is located in the exclusive Indian Creek area, renowned for its luxurious and private lifestyle. This acquisition further solidifies Bezos’ status as a major player in the real estate market, as it becomes his third mansion on the prestigious Indian Creek island.

This purchase comes as no surprise given Bezos’ growing interest in luxury real estate. With an estimated net worth of over $185 billion, Bezos has the financial means to invest in high-end properties. The allure of Indian Creek, known as Florida’s “Billionaire Bunker,” with its lush surroundings and tight security, has undoubtedly contributed to his decision to expand his holdings there.


  • Jeff Bezos has agreed to pay around $90 million for a new six-bedroom mansion in Indian Creek, Florida.
  • This acquisition marks Bezos’ third mansion on the exclusive island.
  • Bezos’ real estate empire continues to grow as he expands his luxury property holdings.
  • Indian Creek is known for its opulent lifestyle and high levels of security.
  • “Jeff Bezos is expanding his real estate empire with a third mansion on South Florida’s exclusive Indian Creek island.” – Source

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