Paul Finebaum Calls Out Stephen A. Smith on FSU’s CFP Omission – The Debate Unfolds on First Take

Florida State University’s CFP Omission Discussed on First Take

Yesterday on First Take, Steven A. Smith and Paul Finebaum discussed the recent Florida State University College Football Playoff (CFP) omission. While FSU was one of the premier teams in the 2018 college football season, fans and commentators alike were shocked to see the CFP selection committee opting to leave them out.

Smith and Finebaum were discussing the potential contributing factors which led to Florida State’s CFP exclusion. Surprisingly, Finebaum had an interesting and complex view on this situation; he believes that Smith might have had an indirect role in causing FSU to miss the boat on the CFP tournament by underestimating the program’s actual ability and potential.

Regardless of blame, everyone can agree that it was a huge disappointment to see a college football giant such as Florida State miss out on a chance to make it to the championship. For those looking to stay up to date on the CFP and other action-packed news of the sports world, be sure to visit Action Packed News.

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