Exploring the Unconventional with Pat McAfee on December 4th, 2023

Action-Packed News from “The Pat McAfee Show”

Welcome to The Pat McAfee Show! This fast-paced show, hosted by former NFL punter Pat McAfee, covers topics including sports, comedy, ‘big time guests’, interviews, and more. Tune in for hilarious banter and compelling conversations. You can watch McAfee’s show live every weekday from noon to 3PM EST.

McAfee’s show is available to watch live on the official Action Packed News (APN) site and its applications, making it easier for viewers to stay on top of the most recent conversations and debates. Sports fans will love APN’s lineup which includes the latest news, highlights, and streaming access to sports shows, adding an additional layer of entertainment and insight. APN provides thorough coverage of the professional and college sports world, making it the perfect destination for all your sports news.

Check out Action Packed News to catch the latest from “The Pat McAfee Show” and other action-packed news.

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