Michael Wilbon: 49ers Eyeing 650-Year Reign Across NFC East – Is Purdy the MVP?

49ers Dominating the NFC East

The San Francisco 49ers have been shaking up the NFL landscape this season, and their recent victories against the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles are a perfect example of this. Every NFL team wants to make it to the post season, and the 49ers are proving that they mean business by not only taking on two of the best teams in the NFC East, but also attacking them and coming away with impressive wins.

With both wins, 49er’s quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo caught the attention of veteran sports anchor Michael Wilbon from ACTION PACKED NEWS. Wilbon went as far as to suggest the Niners have something special against teams in the NFC East – a sentiment shared by many. One of those other names being talked about is wide receiver Dante Purdy – the surprise MVP candidate who has put together an incredible season for the 49ers despite some personal obstacles off the field.

ACTION PACKED NEWS continues to capture all the latest developments in the NFL, and for more information on the Niners, and other teams, check out the ACTION PACKED NEWS website here.

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