Kirk Herbstreit Uncovers Alabama’s Path to the College Football Playoffs

Alabama Gains the Final Playoff Spot Over FSU

On The Pat McAfee Show, Kirk Herbstreit provided much needed insight into the college football playoffs and the thought process behind placing Alabama in the position over FSU. He also looked at the committee’s attempts to distance the playoff system from the discussion of conference supremacy that has dominated college football in the past. Herbstreit is well-known for his expertise in college football analysis, and his presence added much-needed legitimacy to the discussion of the playoff selection.

Cluster Analysis Revealed Key Statistics

Herbstreit discussed a cluster analysis the committee performed to assess Alabama’s abilities compared to FSU. This analysis revealed why the committee chose to go with Alabama, as the statistical evidence provided a powerful support for the Tide’s presence in the playoff. The analysis also revealed why FSU lingered on the sideline.
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