Young Sammy Spieth Shines at Masters Par 3 Contest

Jordan Spieth's son, Sammy, wows the crowd at Masters Tournament Par 3 Contest at Augusta National Golf Club with an impressive tee shot. Fred Couples also spotted at the event.

If Jordan Spieth’s son is anything like he is, he’s bound to be exciting on the golf course. Well, Sammy Spieth sure provided the crowd some excitement at the Masters Tournament Par 3 Contest, held at Augusta National Golf Club. Sammy, just a young child, showcased his golfing skills by hitting an impressive tee shot during the event. This incident took place on Wednesday, which is the day of the Par 3 Contest.

The Par 3 Contest: A Masters Week Tradition

One of the best parts about Masters week is the Par 3 Contest, an annual event held on Wednesday at Augusta National Golf Club. This lighthearted exhibition allows the golfers to have some fun before the serious competition begins. It involves golfers, both professionals, and amateurs, competing on a nine-hole par-3 course. The contest not only gives the players an opportunity to loosen up their game but also allows their families to join them on the course, creating a joyful and festive atmosphere.

Sammy Spieth’s Impressive Golf Skills

Sammy Spieth, the adorable son of professional golfer Jordan Spieth, made quite an impression at the Par 3 Contest. Despite his young age, Sammy displayed remarkable talent and technique when he stepped up to take his tee shot. The crowd was in awe as he confidently swung the club and sent the ball soaring down the fairway. This impressive shot from such a young player has sparked excitement and anticipation for what the future may hold for Sammy Spieth in the world of golf.


  • Jordan Spieth’s young son, Sammy Spieth, showcased his golfing skills at the Par 3 Contest held during the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club.
  • The Par 3 Contest is an annual tradition that allows golfers to have some fun and families to join them on the course before the official tournament begins.
  • Sammy’s impressive tee shot at the Par 3 Contest has created excitement and anticipation for his potential future in golf.


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