Wisconsin Badgers outshine Nebraska in Big Ten showdown.

In highly anticipated Big Ten clash, Wisconsin Badgers defeat Nebraska Cornhuskers 88-72. Essegian shines, Cornhuskers struggle on the road. Badgers focus on consistency and team play for victory.

On Saturday, January 6, the No. 21/21 Wisconsin Badgers men’s basketball team took on the Nebraska Cornhuskers at the Kohl Center in Madison, Wisconsin. The game tipped off at 1:16 p.m. It was a highly anticipated match in the Big Ten Conference, with both teams aiming for a victory.

Wisconsin’s Strong Defense and Offensive Contributions

Guard Connor Essegian played a pivotal role for the Wisconsin Badgers, scoring 12 points and leading the team to a win. However, head coach Greg Gard emphasized Essegian’s defensive skills and all-around contributions to the team. Gard wanted to ensure that the focus remained on the team effort rather than individual performances.

Nebraska Struggles in Road Games

The Nebraska Cornhuskers, on the other hand, faced their second consecutive loss in Big Ten road games. They fell to Wisconsin with a score of 88-72. This defeat puts them at 0-2 in road games within the conference. Nebraska now needs to regroup and work on their performance away from home to maintain a strong standing in the Big Ten.

Consistency Paying Off for Wisconsin’s Free-Throw Shooter

One of the noteworthy developments for the Wisconsin Badgers is the improvement of their most prolific free-throw shooter, a graduate forward. The team’s focus on consistency has paid off, and the player has shown marked improvement in their free-throw shooting. This skill will be crucial for the Badgers as they continue their campaign in the Big Ten Conference.

The Challenges and Advantages of a Deep Team

Coach Greg Gard acknowledged that having a deep team can be both a blessing and a curse. While having a roster with many skilled players brings advantages, it also presents challenges. The coach highlighted the difficulties in managing playing time and ensuring team chemistry with a deep bench. However, Gard believes that the Badgers can navigate these challenges and turn them into strengths.

Awareness of Nebraska’s Hot-Shooting Guard

The Wisconsin Badgers are well aware of the hot-shooting abilities of Nebraska’s guard, Keisei Tominaga. Their previous encounter in 2023 allowed the Badgers to witness Tominaga’s skills up close. As they prepare to face Nebraska again, they will be mindful of containing Tominaga’s impact and defending against his scoring prowess.


  1. The Wisconsin Badgers men’s basketball team defeated the Nebraska Cornhuskers with a score of 88-72.
  2. Wisconsin’s Connor Essegian stood out with 12 points, but the team’s focus remained on his overall contributions.
  3. Nebraska now holds a 0-2 record in Big Ten road games.
  4. The Badgers’ focus on consistency has benefited their most prolific free-throw shooter.
  5. Coach Gard acknowledges the challenges and advantages of having a deep team.
  6. The Badgers are familiar with Nebraska guard Keisei Tominaga’s shooting abilities.

“Essegian’s defense and all-around contributions were instrumental in the win,” Coach Gard said. “We need to maintain a team-centric approach for continued success.”

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