Who Got the CFP Nod: Alabama or Florida State? Analyzing the SEC Now Debate

What Made the Difference for Alabama?

When the College Football Playoff rankings were unveiled, many were shocked to see the Alabama Crimson Tide in the fourth slot ahead of Florida State Seminoles. Alabama had a strong record and had won their conference championship, but the Seminoles seemed to have a resume that was even stronger. But the selection committee favored the Tide and their fans saw them immediately move to the fourth slot for the playoffs.

The Details of the Comparison

So what made the difference in the committee’s decision? It seems that the main factor was the strength of Alabama’s schedule. They had a difficult and formidable set of opponents, which the selection committee felt was reason enough to make them the fourth team. The other deciding factor was the fact that Alabama had lost only one game during the season, whereas the Seminoles had dropped two games.

While the decision was surprising, it is clear that the committee wanted to reward the Alabama for their strong performance during the year. Their strength of schedule, combined with their conference title victory, was enough for the selection committee to put them in the CFP.

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