Viktor Hovland Makes 4th PGA Tour Coach Change

Hot in PGA TOUR news, Viktor Hovland stirs curiosity with a new swing coach – his fourth switch in a year, sparking buzz as the Masters Tournament nears. 🏌️‍♂️

Viktor Hovland, the reigning FedEx Cup champion and a prominent figure in the PGA Tour, has recently made a surprising swing coach change, marking his fourth coach in just a year. This decision comes after a successful season for Hovland, who won the 2023 Tour Championship and performed admirably at the Ryder Cup. As the Masters Tournament approaches, the golfing world eagerly anticipates witnessing the best golfers take on the renowned Augusta National Golf Club. However, Hovland’s swing has been a topic of discussion, with his inquisitive nature driving him to make changes in order to unlock his potential on the golf course.

Following an impressive victory at the Tour Championship, where he shot an exceptional 63 in the final round, Hovland claimed the 2023 FedEx Cup. However, the very next day, work crews initiated the process of altering Hovland’s swing. This decision to modify his swing comes as a surprise, considering Hovland’s consistency in not missing a cut at the Masters Tournament and his previous successes. As the 2024 Masters approaches, Hovland openly discusses the reasons behind his swing changes, shedding light on his dedication to improving his game.

Despite Hovland’s overall success last season, certain aspects of his game experienced a decline. Notably, his off-the-tee performances saw him drop in rankings, falling from fifth to 37th in total driving and 40th to 86th in driving accuracy. These statistics may have contributed to Hovland’s decision to split with his previous coach, as he aims to enhance his overall game and tackle any weaknesses that may hinder his performance at the Masters.

  • Viktor Hovland’s swing coach changed for the fourth time in a year.
  • Hovland won the 2023 Tour Championship and the FedEx Cup.
  • He has never missed a cut at the Masters Tournament.
  • Hovland aims to unlock his potential by modifying his swing.
  • Declining performances in driving accuracy led to the change in coach.
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