Uncovering the Mystery of Glen Powell’s Eye Color

Glen Powell’s Eye Color Revealed

Last night, Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell took the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and finally answered the internet’s burning question: What color are Glenn Powell’s eyes? Glen Powell’s eyes are a deep brown. Even though a lot of fans have been wondering what his eye color was for a long time, this action-packed news came as a surprise for many.

Sydney Sweeney Answers Questions Too

While some may think this interview solely focused on Glen Powell’s eye color, it was actually an in-depth ask-and-answer session all about the two celebrities. In the Autocomplete Interview, Sweeney and Powell answer questions ranging from their favourite restaurants to their hidden talents. In light of this new information released by WIRED, it seems like the two actors may have more than just eye color in common. Check out the full interview details at ACTION PACKED NEWS.

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