Tucker Carlson Grills Putin on Fate of Imprisoned Journalist

Tucker Carlson pushed Putin in an interview to release jailed reporter Evan Gershkovich but Putin denied his innocence. Putin suggested a potential deal, leaving outcome uncertain. Controversy surrounding press freedom persists.

Tucker Carlson, in an interview published online on Thursday, pressed Russian President Vladimir Putin to release Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich. Putin, however, denied that Gershkovich was innocent of the espionage charges for which he remains jailed in Russia. The interview between Carlson and Putin was highly anticipated, and Carlson tried to push the envelope by asking a crucial question on the fate of the imprisoned journalist. Gershkovich, who grew up in Princeton, will remain behind bars until March 30 while his case progresses.

Putin’s Denial and Claim of Espionage

During the interview, Putin firmly stood by the charges against Gershkovich, stating that he was caught ‘red-handed’ with classified information and that he was a spy. Putin’s claims clash with the assertion made by Gershkovich that he is innocent of the espionage charges. Despite their differing views, Putin suggested that a deal could be reached to secure Gershkovich’s return. However, the details of such a potential agreement remain unclear at this point.

Controversy Surrounding the Case

The imprisonment of Evan Gershkovich has stirred controversy and raised concerns about press freedom. Many argue that journalism should not be considered a crime, and they question the grounds on which Gershkovich is being detained. Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin shed light on the case but did not provide a definitive solution. The outcome of the ongoing discussions regarding Gershkovich’s release remains uncertain, leaving journalists, activists, and the public anxiously awaiting further developments.


  • Tucker Carlson pressed Putin to release Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich during an online interview.
  • Putin denied that Gershkovich was innocent of espionage charges and claimed he was caught ‘red-handed’ receiving classified information.
  • Putin suggested a potential deal could be reached to secure Gershkovich’s return, but the details remain unclear.
  • The case has sparked controversy and concerns about press freedom.
  • Further developments are awaited regarding Gershkovich’s release.

“In theory” Moscow will not rule out the possibility of releasing jailed Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, Russian president affirmed during the interview with Tucker Carlson.

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