Top 10 Global Asset Managers in Socially Responsible Investing

Socially responsible investing takes the spotlight as top Swiss asset managers shine in the Global Top 10 of the RIBI™ 2024 index.

In its sixth iteration, the “Responsible Investment Brand Index” assesses 600 asset managers worldwide for their dedication to responsible investing. The index, known as RIBI™, provides a comprehensive evaluation of asset managers’ commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in their investment practices. Released recently, the RIBI™ 2024 highlights the performance of asset managers throughout 2023 and offers valuable insights into the state of socially responsible investing.

Responsible Investment Brand Index 2024: Two Swiss Asset Managers Among Global Top 10

The Responsible Investment Brand Index for the year 2024, in its sixth edition, has revealed the top asset managers worldwide who have demonstrated excellence in socially responsible investing. Despite a challenging investment environment in 2023, characterized by fluctuating financial performances and growing skepticism towards traditional investment practices, two Swiss asset managers have made it to the prestigious top 10 list.

The index evaluates asset managers based on their commitment to incorporating ESG factors into their investment decision-making process. This year’s evaluation considered various criteria, such as environmental impact, social responsibility, corporate governance, and transparency. The two Swiss asset managers have distinguished themselves through their dedication to responsible investing, which has earned them recognition on a global scale.

The inclusion of Swiss asset managers in the top 10 list is significant for the country’s financial industry and highlights their contribution to responsible investing. Switzerland has long been recognized as a hub for asset management, and this achievement further strengthens its reputation as a leader in sustainable and ethical investment practices.

Responsible investing, or socially responsible investing, has gained momentum in recent years as more individuals, institutions, and corporations seek to align their investment decisions with their values and sustainability goals. The RIBI™ 2024 serves as a powerful tool for investors to identify asset managers who prioritize ESG factors and integrate them into their investment strategies.


  1. The “Responsible Investment Brand Index” assesses 600 asset managers globally for their commitment to responsible investing.
  2. The index evaluates asset managers based on their dedication to ESG factors in investment decision-making.
  3. Two Swiss asset managers have made it to the top 10 in the RIBI™ 2024.
  4. Switzerland’s inclusion in the top 10 highlights its contribution to responsible investing.
  5. Responsible investing aligns investment decisions with sustainability goals.

“The RIBI™ 2024 showcases the outstanding performance of asset managers committed to responsible investing and provides investors with valuable insights into sustainable and ethical investment opportunities.” – RIBI spokesperson.

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