Tiger Woods’ Sun Day Red Launch with Jimmy Fallon

Tiger Woods debuts luxe Sun Day Red golf line with TaylorMade Golf, but faces criticism over high prices and lack of women's options. Jimmy Fallon chat sparks buzz.

Golf legend Tiger Woods has finally launched his highly anticipated Sun Day Red line of golf apparel. The brand, in collaboration with TaylorMade Golf, released its initial collection, which includes golf, training, and athleisure wear. Woods has been wearing Sun Day Red since February, and now the public can purchase items from this luxury athleisure brand.

Eye-watering Prices and Missing Options

One notable item from Tiger Woods’ new range is a polo shirt priced at $175 (£140). The price tag may seem high to some, but it highlights the exclusive nature of the brand. However, critics have pointed out that Sun Day Red currently lacks options for women, as there are no women’s clothing available. This has raised concerns about inclusivity and diversity within the brand.

Promotion and Publicity

Tiger Woods has been actively promoting his new clothing line on various talk shows and media appearances. Recently, he appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” where he discussed his Sun Day Red line and other topics. The night before the launch, Woods engaged in a lively conversation with Jimmy Fallon, generating further buzz and anticipation for the release of his apparel collection.

Ruining the Logo and Symbolism

Tiger Woods has expressed his desire to “ruin the logo” with Sun Day Red, suggesting a departure from traditional golf apparel. The brand aims to capture the essence of athleisure and appeal to a wider audience beyond just golf enthusiasts. Woods has often been associated with his signature red top and black trousers outfit, and he discussed the origins and symbolism behind this iconic look during his media appearances.

“Mom is always right.”

Addressing the “tree meme,” which pokes fun at a particular photograph of Woods hitting a golf ball next to a tree, he took the opportunity to share a light-hearted moment with Jimmy Fallon, showing that he has a good sense of humor about such viral moments.

The Launch and Next Steps

The Sun Day Red line is finally available for purchase, and fans can browse and buy items from the collection. This initial release, dubbed “The Hunt” collection, showcases the brand’s commitment to combining luxury and athleticism in its apparel offerings. As Woods continues to expand his new clothing line, it remains to be seen how Sun Day Red will develop and diversify its range to cater to a broader market, addressing concerns about inclusivity and expanding options for women.


  • Tiger Woods has launched his highly anticipated Sun Day Red line of golf apparel.
  • Eye-catching items include a $175 (£140) polo shirt, highlighting the brand’s exclusivity.
  • Concerns have arisen about the lack of women’s options in Sun Day Red’s initial collection.
  • Woods actively promoted his clothing line on various media appearances, including “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”
  • The brand aims to “ruin the logo” and appeal to a wider audience beyond traditional golf apparel.
  • The Sun Day Red line is now available for purchase, and fans can browse and buy items from the collection.

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