Tiger Woods’ Masters Return: Augusta Anticipation Builds on PGA TOUR

Tiger Woods ready to tee off at the 2024 Masters at Augusta National. Expert predictions buzzing around his 26th appearance and quest for a sixth green jacket. Tiger tracker active for live updates.

Tiger Woods’ tee time is set for the first round of the 2024 Masters tournament, taking place at the prestigious Augusta National Golf Club. The tee time has been highly anticipated, as Woods aims to continue his impressive streak of making the cut at Augusta National for the 24th consecutive time. This year, he is +115 to shoot a 72 or better on Thursday, showcasing his determination to secure his sixth green jacket. Follow his progress live with our Tiger tracker for real-time updates on his Masters scorecard.

26th Masters Appearance

This year’s Masters will mark Tiger Woods’ 26th appearance at the tournament, a remarkable feat in itself. After his unfortunate withdrawal last year, Woods is back and ready to compete for the coveted green jacket once again. It has been five years since his last Masters win, and fans and experts alike are eager to see if he can reclaim the title. The anticipation is so high that there are even expert picks and odds speculating on Woods’ performance in the tournament.

Expert Picks and Predictions

With Tiger Woods’ return to the Masters, various experts have shared their predictions and odds on his performance. Many are considering his chances of shooting par or better in the first round, noting his previous successes at Augusta National. Additionally, there are discussions on whether Woods has what it takes to win the tournament, given his experience and skills. Fans and bettors are closely following these predictions and odds to gauge the likelihood of Woods’ success.

Expert Quote: “Tiger Woods is a true legend in the game, and his participation in the Masters is always an exciting event. Despite his recent setback, Woods’ mastery of Augusta National cannot be underestimated. He is definitely a strong contender for the green jacket.” – Golf Analyst


  • Tiger Woods is set for the first round of the 2024 Masters.
  • He aims to make his 24th consecutive cut at Augusta National.
  • Woods is +115 to shoot a 72 or better on Thursday.
  • This year’s Masters will be his 26th appearance.
  • Experts have shared predictions and odds on Woods’ performance.
  • Discussions revolve around Woods’ ability to shoot par or better in the first round and his chances of winning.

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