The San Francisco 49ers Declare Dominance: ESPN Reacts to Philly Bashing

49ers crush Eagles 42-19

The San Francisco 49ers are proving they are a legitimate powerhouse in the NFL, putting the Philadelphia Eagles in their place with a swift 42-19 victory. With 9-3 record the Niners are a force to be reckoned with. Fans and pundits alike recognize this team as the best in the league.

Action Packed News Coverage of the Game

The 49ers performance was a sight to behold, and no outlet is betterable to cover such an action-packed affair than the award-winning Action Pack News (APW) team. On-site reporters captured every critical play, with a special emphasis on quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo who threw for five touchdowns. To read our full coverage of the game, click on the following link .

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