The Lion King’s North West Attacked by Trolls for ‘Nepotism’ During 30th Anniversary Concert

Trolls Attack 10-Year-Old North West’s Lion King Performance as Nepotism

When 10-year-old North West took the stage as Young Simba during The Lion King’s 30th Anniversary concert, it should have been a moment of pride and celebration for her famous parents, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. However, instead of receiving praise for her performance, North became the target of online trolls attacking her for being a ‘nepo baby’ with an unfair advantage.

The concert, which was held at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday, featured a star-studded lineup of performers, including Halsey, John Legend, and the original 1994 film’s star, Whoopi Goldberg. North’s parents were also in attendance to support their daughter’s big moment. However, shortly after the concert, keyboard warriors took to social media to criticize North’s performance and accuse her of only getting the role because of her famous parents.

Outrage Over ‘Nepotism’

The backlash to North’s role in the concert was swift and harsh. Many trolls claimed that North only got the role because of her parents’ fame and financial status, and that other children deserved the opportunity more. Some even went as far as to call her performance ‘horrendous’ and ‘painful to watch.’ Social media was flooded with negative comments, and North’s name quickly became a trending topic.

This is not the first time North has faced criticism and backlash for her achievements. In 2020, she made her debut in a music video for her dad’s song ‘Closed on Sunday,’ which also caused a stir among trolls who accused her of getting the role solely because of her famous parents. However, it seems that no matter what North accomplishes, there will always be those who attack and belittle her achievements.

A Positive Message from the Action-Packed News Team

While the trolls may continue to lash out at North, there are also those who have come to her defense. Fans of the Kardashian-West family have pointed out that North showed impressive singing and dancing skills during her performance and deserved the role. And as for the accusations of nepotism, it’s worth noting that North’s great-grandfather, Robert Kardashian, was a prominent lawyer, and her other great-grandfather, Bruce Jenner, was an Olympian. Talent clearly runs in the family.

At Action-Packed News, we believe in celebrating all forms of talent and recognizing that every individual, regardless of their last name, deserves a chance to showcase their skills. We applaud North for her performance and wish her all the best in her future endeavours. As for the trolls, perhaps it’s time to take a lesson from one of Disney’s most iconic characters, Hakuna Matata, and let go of the negative energy and embrace positivity instead.

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