TGI Fridays® Scores Big: Free Wings for NCAA Bracket Busters

TGI Fridays® eases busted bracket woes by giving away free wings during NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament in partnership with Grubhub for an enhanced fan experience.

In a move that is sure to excite sports fans and food enthusiasts alike, TGI Fridays® is offering a special promotion during the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament to help soothe the disappointment of busted brackets. From now until April 8, TGI Fridays® is giving away free wings to fans whose brackets didn’t quite live up to their expectations.

TGI Fridays® Offers Free Wings for Busted Brackets

TGI Fridays®, known for its delicious Buffalo wings and lively atmosphere, has come up with a way to turn the anguish of a failed bracket into a tasty treat. As the NCAA tournament reaches its climax, fans who made the wrong predictions can find solace in the form of complimentary wings at TGI Fridays®. This promotion aims to provide some comfort to those whose dreams of bracket glory have been dashed.

Partnering with Grubhub, a popular food delivery platform based in Chicago, TGI Fridays® is not only giving away free wings, but also offering customers 10 other lucrative deals. The collaboration between TGI Fridays® and Grubhub aims to enhance the fan experience during the thrilling March Madness games, adding a tasty twist to the intense college basketball tournament.

It’s no secret that the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, also known as March Madness, captivates millions of fans across the nation. The excitement and unpredictability of the tournament make it a cultural phenomenon, with people from all walks of life eagerly filling out their brackets and hoping to outsmart the odds. Unfortunately, not everyone’s predictions turn out to be correct, which can lead to feelings of disappointment and frustration.

However, TGI Fridays® understands the emotions that come with busted brackets and wants to offer a small consolation to fans. By providing free wings, they are not only satisfying hungry basketball enthusiasts, but also showing a commitment to their customers and the communities they serve.


  • To boost the spirits of fans with busted brackets during the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, TGI Fridays® is giving away free wings.
  • Partnering with Grubhub, TGI Fridays® is also offering customers 10 other exclusive deals to enhance their March Madness experience.
  • TGI Fridays®’ promotion aims to provide comfort and consolation to fans whose bracket predictions did not pan out.
  • March Madness is a highly anticipated and widely followed college basketball tournament that keeps fans on the edge of their seats.
  • TGI Fridays®’ initiative demonstrates their commitment to customer satisfaction and their role in local communities.
  • “We know how much passion and anticipation goes into filling out brackets and cheering on your favorite teams during March Madness. We also understand the disappointment that comes with a busted bracket. That’s why we want to offer something special to our customers and provide a little bit of cheer during this exciting tournament,” said a representative from TGI Fridays®.

    “Partnering with TGI Fridays® allows us to bring even more excitement to March Madness through exclusive deals and giveaways. We are thrilled to team up and provide fans with delicious wings and a chance to save on their favorite game day foods,” said a spokesperson from Grubhub.

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