“Taylor Swift Channels Tom Cruise in Spectacular Action Music Video”

Taylor Swift Inspires From Tom Cruise Playbook

Taylor Swift recently stunned the world with a music video that takes from Tom Cruise’s playbook in her latest #shorts video on YouTube. Swift drew much attention for her exemplary use of the Cruise mini-movies to emulate a classic style without compromising on her own signature look and feel.

The music video in question is laced with action-packed stunts and scenes that fully portray the excitement and energy befitting Cruiser’s style. Swift also integrated her own style into the video, placing her own flair in the production. The collage of her signature colors, props, and attitude that consists of bold and vibrant music transport viewers to a world of entertainment and drama.

At ACTION PACKED NEWS we take pride in seeing an artist like Taylor Swift take a lesson out of a legend’s playbook and use it to create something that is uniquely her own. You can find full information and more Taylor Swift stories across our website https://apwvt.com/ and across our Facebook page.

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