“Surprising Playoff Predictions from Tim Legler: Knicks Soar to No. 2 Seed and Lakers Land Worst Seed | Get Up”

Tim Legler Breaks Down Sunday’s NBA Storylines on APWVT’s Action Packed News

The NBA is heating up as the regular season approaches its end, and on Action Packed News by APWVT, Tim Legler gives us his take on some of the biggest storylines in the league right now. In the latest episode of Get Up, Legler joins Mike Greenberg and Alan Hahn to discuss the current state of the Knicks and Lakers, two teams with very different trajectories as the playoffs approach.

Legler’s first big takeaway is the surprising success of the New York Knicks, who have secured the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference and clinched their first playoff spot since 2013. Despite having a relatively inexperienced roster, the Knicks have been playing with grit and determination all season long, led by head coach Tom Thibodeau. Legler praises Thibodeau’s ability to get the most out of his players and create a strong team culture, which has been key to the Knicks’ success. With the playoffs on the horizon, the Knicks will look to continue their momentum and make a deep run.

But while the Knicks are rising up the standings, the Los Angeles Lakers are falling, which is Legler’s second big takeaway. Currently sitting in the seventh seed in the Western Conference, the Lakers have struggled with injuries all season long and have yet to find a consistent rhythm. Legler notes that this is unfamiliar territory for LeBron James, who has never been a lower seed heading into the playoffs. Despite facing adversity, Legler believes that the Lakers’ championship pedigree and the experience of their star players will be their key to success in the postseason.

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