Surprising Feature Found in Smartphones – Is it Worth it? REVIEW

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In the video The Review – Why Don’t More Smartphones Have This?, technology expert William shows us an amazing piece of technology that seriously upgrades the way people use their smartphones. He points out that while some phones have this innovative “Wireless Charging Case”, most smartphones do not. This begs the question – why don’t more manufacturers equip their phones with this useful upgrade?

What is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging technology allows users to charge their devices’ batteries using magnetic induction. It utilizes induction coils to send an alternating current through the conductive material of the phone’s battery, creating a dynamic electromagnetic field. As a result, the battery can recharge without any cables or plugs. It’s a great convenience for users who don’t want to constantly carry around chargers and cords, not to mention the time saved in charging.

Why Don’t More Smartphones Include the Technology?

The leading issue preventing Wireless Charging technology to be used as a common feature among all modern smartphones is that it requires a certain level of sophistication in the phone’s hardware. This means that it needs a larger battery, as well as updated circuit boards and microchips. For cost-efficient companies such as Apple and Samsung, manually expanding their phones to create the required space and developing new chipsets can be time and cost prohibitive. Additionally, the Wireless Charging technology is far from perfect. It is often slow and lacks long-term reliability. Until these issues are solved, don’t expect Wireless Charging to make its way onto a majority of phones any time soon.

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