Suella Braverman Supports Israel Amid Gaza Tragedy

Suella Braverman's Support in Israel amid Gaza Tragedy. Denies Aid Withholding Claims. Labour Presses Transparency and Arms Sales Suspension. UK-US Alliance Must Stand Firm.

Former home secretary, Suella Braverman, is currently visiting Israel to show her support for its citizens. During her visit, three British citizens were killed in an apparent Israeli airstrike in Gaza, adding to the growing death toll. Braverman strongly denies any claims that Israel has been withholding aid from the Gaza population and criticizes such accusations as “absurd and, frankly, an insult” to Israel. In response to the assault on Gaza, the Labour party urges the government to release any legal advice concerning the incident and calls for a suspension of arms sales. As Braverman tours the sites that were attacked by Hamas last October, she warns that both the UK and the US must not backslide in their support for Israel.

Suella Braverman Offers Support to Survivors

During her four-day visit to Israel, Suella Braverman meets Mazal Tazazo, a survivor of the Supernova festival massacre. Emotionally, Braverman assures the survivors that they will not be forgotten and offers her support.

UK and US Urged to Maintain Support for Israel

Suella Braverman insists that both the UK and the US must not waiver in their support for Israel. She raises concerns over the possibility of backsliding and emphasizes the importance of standing firm in their alliance with the country.

Claims of Israel Withholding Gaza Aid Deemed “Absurd”

Suella Braverman strongly rejects claims that Israel has been withholding aid from the population of Gaza. She criticizes such allegations as baseless and insulting to Israel.

Labour Calls for Transparency and Suspension of Arms Sales

Amidst the growing pressure, the Labour party urges the government to publish any legal advice regarding the assault on Gaza. Additionally, they push for the suspension of arms sales, highlighting the need for accountability and transparency.

  • Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman visits Israel
  • Three British citizens among the dead in Israeli airstrike in Gaza
  • Braverman rejects claims of Israel withholding Gaza aid
  • Labour urges transparency and suspension of arms sales
  • Concerns over UK and US support for Israel

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