“Stephen A. Smith Destroys Draymond Green’s Bold Claims About Steph Curry | First Take”

Stephen A. Smith Believes Draymond Green is “FLAGRANTLY WRONG” About Steph Curry

Draymond Green has been making headlines recently for his comments about his Golden State Warriors teammate, Steph Curry. On a recent episode of First Take, NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith weighed in on the situation and had some strong words for Green.

The drama started when Green appeared on the “All the Smoke” podcast and made comments about Curry lacking in effort and leadership during their recent struggles. Green said, “It’s not the same Steph Curry anymore. It’s just not. And no disrespect to Steph, he’s an amazing player. But it’s not the same. That [expletive] just ain’t gonna work.”

As expected, Green’s comments caused a stir and many people, including Stephen A. Smith, were not happy with what he had to say. While Smith agrees that the Warriors are struggling, he believes that Green’s comments were completely off base and disrespectful to Curry.

Smith stated, “For somebody like Draymond Green … who damn near has a house built with Steph, along with Klay, and they are bonded together, how dare he have the nerve to sit there and talk about effort and lack of leadership?” He went on to say that Green’s comments were “FLAGRANTLY WRONG” and that he was disappointed in Green for publicly calling out his teammate.

Green has yet to respond to Smith’s comments, but this drama has certainly added to the growing tension within the Warriors organization. As for Curry, he has remained relatively quiet on the matter, choosing to focus on improving his game and getting the Warriors back on track.

Regardless of Green’s intentions, it’s clear that his comments have struck a nerve with both fans and his fellow NBA analysts. This is just another example of how the sports world can be full of surprises, and the drama and tension that comes with it. For more sports news and analysis, make sure to check out ACTION PACKED NEWS anchor at https://apwvt.com/.

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