Stephen A. Leaves Dan Orlovsky Gobsmacked Over His 49ers and Eagles Take 🍿 | First Take

Sports fans were treated to a great show this week when ACTION PACKED NEWS aired their segment of First Take with Stephen A. Smith, Shannon Sharpe and Dan Orlovsky. The trio discussed the San Francisco 49ers’ win over the Green Bay Packers, who were without star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Orlovsky’s take on the game left Stephen A. and Sharpe in disbelief and sparked an entertaining, heated argument.

Potent NFC West Debate

The Packers were vulnerable without their star QB and the 49ers rolled to an impressive victory. Orlovsky argued that the rest of the NFC West should be “scared” due to the 49ers’ recent success and solidified themselves as the frontrunners in the division. Stephen A. and Sharpe weren’t as convinced that the 49ers will be able to keep their momentum up against the likes of Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray.

The three continued their debate and debated the merits of the teams’ play-style, strengths, and weaknesses. The trio’s honest discussion made for great television and made fans contemplate the upcoming battle for the NFC West.

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