“Stephen A. Delivers a Brutal Warning to Ant-Man for Taking on Kyrie Irving – You Won’t Want to Miss This!”

Stephen A. Smith Warns Ant-Man for Calling Out Kyrie Irving on First Take

When it comes to NBA news and hot takes, the Action Packed News team is always on top of the game. In a recent segment on their website, they highlighted an intense moment on ESPN’s First Take, where guest Stephen A. Smith had some choice words for NBA player Anthony Edwards, also known as Ant-Man. The young Minnesota Timberwolves rookie recently called out Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving for his actions off the court, and Smith was not holding back in his response.

In the video, Smith, along with fellow guests Tim Legler and Brian Windhorst, were discussing Edwards’ comments about Irving, in which he called him selfish for prioritizing his personal beliefs over his team. Smith warned Edwards to be careful with his words, saying “Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it” in reference to potentially facing off against Irving on the court. The passionate sports analyst also questioned whether Edwards had any room to speak, considering his own team’s struggles this season.

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