Sleepy Air: Jakarta-bound Pilots Nod Off on Batik Flight

Indonesian pilots of Batik Air fell asleep midflight for 28 minutes en route to Jakarta, raising serious aviation safety concerns.

An Indonesian airliner is being investigated after two of its pilots fell asleep midflight for nearly 30 minutes with passengers on board. The incident occurred on a Batik Air return flight carrying 153 people to the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. One of the pilots woke up to find that the aircraft “was not on the correct flight path,” according to an incident report. This incident has raised concerns about aviation safety in Indonesia and the actions of the pilots involved.

Investigation into Batik Air

Batik Air, a full-service carrier of Indonesia’s Lion Group, has temporarily suspended two pilots after they fell asleep in the cockpit during a flight. The incident is currently under investigation by Indonesian authorities. It was discovered that both pilots had fallen asleep for 28 minutes while the plane was in the air. This caused the aircraft to veer off its designated path before the pilots realized the situation and corrected it. Fortunately, the flight landed safely despite the deviation.

Aviation Safety Concerns

This incident has added to the country’s troubling aviation safety record and raised questions about the effectiveness of pilot training and oversight in Indonesia. The fact that both pilots were asleep for nearly half an hour with passengers on board suggests a serious lapse in professionalism and adherence to safety protocols. It is crucial for the Indonesian aviation authorities to thoroughly investigate this incident and take appropriate measures to prevent similar occurrences in the future.


  • Two pilots of Batik Air in Indonesia fell asleep for 28 minutes midflight
  • The incident raised concerns about aviation safety in Indonesia
  • Both pilots were suspended temporarily while an investigation is ongoing
  • The aircraft veered off course but landed safely
  • Authorities are urged to review pilot training and oversight in the country
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    According to an incident report, one of the pilots woke up to find that the aircraft “was not on the correct flight path.”

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