“Shaking Up the East: Why the Pacers Could Upset the Celtics – Insights from First Take”

Pacers Primed for East Finals Match-Up Against Celtics, Shannon Sharpe Raises Concerns for Jayson Tatum

In a recent episode of First Take, the team discussed the potential match-up between the Indiana Pacers and Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Pacers, who currently hold the third seed in the East, have been making waves with their strong performances this season. And according to the First Take panel, they have a legitimate chance at taking down the top-seeded Celtics and securing a spot in the Finals.

Host Molly Qerim Rose kicked off the segment by referencing the Pacers’ strong record against the Celtics this season, with a 2-1 lead in their head-to-head games. Co-host Stephen A. Smith couldn’t help but express his excitement for this potential match-up, stating, “I can’t wait! This is what I’ve been waiting for all season long.” He went on to praise the Pacers’ all-around team effort and impressive performances from their star players, Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis.

Hall-of-Fame NFL player and fellow co-host Shannon Sharpe also chimed in on the discussion, but with a different perspective. Sharpe shared his concerns for Celtics’ forward Jayson Tatum, who has been struggling in the playoffs, shooting just 34.9% from the field. He expressed doubts about Tatum’s ability to perform at a high level against a strong defensive team like the Pacers and questioned if the young player was ready for such a high-stakes match-up.

While the panel was split on who they thought would come out on top in a Pacers-Celtics series, they were all in agreement that it would be an action-packed and exciting match-up. And with the Pacers proving their potential this season, they certainly have a legitimate shot at taking down the Celtics and making it to the East Finals.

Sharpe’s Concerns Highlight the Pacers’ Rising Success

Sharpe’s concerns for Tatum and the Celtics not only add an interesting dynamic to this potential match-up but also highlight the growing success of the Pacers this season. As the third seed in the East, they have already surpassed many expectations and have proven themselves as a dominant team in the conference.

The Pacers’ success can also be attributed to the impressive coaching of Nate McMillan and the strong performances of Oladipo, Sabonis, and veteran players like Thaddeus Young and Bojan Bogdanovic. With a well-rounded team and a strong defensive strategy, they are a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs.

As the season continues, it will be interesting to see if the Pacers can maintain their success and make their way to the East Finals. And if they do, the potential match-up against the Celtics will surely be one for the books. Stay tuned to see how it all unfolds and visit ACTION PACKED NEWS for all the latest updates in sports and entertainment.

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