Severe Weather Alert: Tornado Threat in Alabama From National Weather Service

Severe weather alert in Alabama. Tornado threat with enhanced risk level 3 out of 5. National Weather Service warns residents to stay safe and informed.

Severe weather is expected in Alabama as a dynamic weather system brings showers and thunderstorms into the state. Most of the Action 8 viewing areas are under an enhanced risk for severe weather, with the National Weather Service ranking the threat level as 3 out of 5. This is the first official brush with severe weather in North Alabama since the start of spring. As a southeastward-moving cold front approaches, multiple school systems in Alabama have announced early dismissals in anticipation of the severe weather.

High Wind Gusts and Power Outages

High wind gusts and strong storms are causing power outages across Alabama. Video footage from the WVTM 13 Storm Command in Central Alabama shows the impact of the severe weather. As a cold front moves across Alabama, scattered showers and storms are expected, some of which could be strong to severe. Residents of Central Alabama should be prepared for severe weather, including high-speed winds and large storms, on Tuesday, April 2.

Continuing Weather Updates

  • 5:30PM Update: Tracking a strong cold front that has been producing severe weather over the past 24 hours.
  • CLOUDY, DRY AFTERNOON: Temperatures are between 77 and 81 degrees across most of Alabama this afternoon with a mostly cloudy sky.

“Severe weather can cause power outages, property damage, and pose threats to public safety. It is important for residents to stay informed and prepared during these weather events,” says the National Weather Service.

As the evening progresses, it is advised to stay weather aware as severe storms remain possible. James Spann, a weather authority, warns that strong to severe storms are possible in Alabama Tuesday afternoon and night. The NWS predicts hail, rain, and damaging winds across Northern Alabama. More than 2,000 customers are currently without power as storms cross the state. While the immediate future promises a windy and wet night, the weather is expected to dry up and warm up in time for Easter weekend.

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