Scorsese Eyes DiCaprio and Lawrence for Sinatra Biopic

Scorsese set to revive Sinatra biopic with DiCaprio as Frank and Lawrence as Ava; rights a hurdle, but Scorsese remains determined for this iconic tale.

The legendary director Martin Scorsese is planning to revive his long-delayed project for a Frank Sinatra biopic, and he has his sights set on casting Leonardo DiCaprio as Sinatra and Jennifer Lawrence as Ava Gardner. Scorsese, known for his iconic films such as “Taxi Driver” and “Goodfellas,” has been discussing plans for the film despite having just released his latest film, “Killers Of The Flower Moon,” last year. While the rights to the project may pose a challenge, Scorsese is determined to bring this iconic story to the big screen.

Scorsese’s Return to the Sinatra Biopic

Martin Scorsese, one of the most celebrated directors of our time, is set to return to his long-awaited Frank Sinatra biopic. This project has faced numerous setbacks over the years, but Scorsese is determined to make it a reality. In his vision for the film, he envisions Leonardo DiCaprio playing the role of Frank Sinatra, the iconic singer and actor known for his captivating voice and charismatic presence. In addition, he hopes to cast Jennifer Lawrence as Ava Gardner, Sinatra’s former wife and Hollywood icon.

The Challenge of Obtaining Rights

One of the obstacles Scorsese faces is obtaining the rights to Frank Sinatra’s life story. Sinatra’s estate has reportedly been cautious about granting the necessary permissions for a biopic, which has contributed to the long delay of this project. However, Scorsese remains determined to tell the story of this legendary figure, and he believes that with the right cast, the film can bring Sinatra’s enigmatic persona to life on the big screen.

Scorsese’s Creative Collaboration

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese have previously collaborated on several successful films, such as “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Departed.” Their partnership has garnered critical acclaim, and their ability to bring out the best in each other’s work is evident. The addition of Jennifer Lawrence, a highly talented and acclaimed actress, adds further intrigue to this potential project. With a team of highly talented individuals, Scorsese hopes to recreate the magic of his previous collaborations and deliver a memorable biopic that does justice to the profound impact Frank Sinatra had on the entertainment industry.


  • Martin Scorsese plans to revive his long-delayed Frank Sinatra biopic
  • He wants Leonardo DiCaprio to play Sinatra and Jennifer Lawrence to portray Ava Gardner
  • The rights to the project may present a challenge, but Scorsese remains determined to make the film
  • Scorsese has previously collaborated with DiCaprio on successful films
  • The film aims to capture the enigmatic persona and profound impact of Frank Sinatra


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