Scarlett Johannson and Chris Evans: Heating Up the Marvel Universe?

Chris Evans and Scarlett Johannson: A Budding Relationship

Fans of Marvel movies would recognize Scarlett Johannson and Chris Evans as two of the greatest superheroes of their time. Now it appears that these two stars are also attracted to each other, as they were recently seen together. In a recent interview, an insider warned Johannson to take things slow with Evans and apparently, the duo has been getting closer since then!

At ACTION PACKED NEWS, we try to provide our viewers all the latest news and updates about their favorite celebrities. Therefore, we are now following this budding relationship between the two long-time Marvel stars. Reports have suggested that their chemistry is undeniable and fans are surely excited to know what is next for the two, while some may argue that it is time for all of us to just give them space and enjoy the privacy they get. ACTION PACKED NEWS is always ready to update people with the latest celebrity news and keeping their interest piqued!

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