Ryan Clark Exposes Shocking Treatment of Russell Wilson by Sean Payton – Get Up

Ryan Clark Sounds off on Sean Payton

Ryan Clark sounded off about the treatment that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson received from New Orleans Saints coach, Sean Payton. Clark was recently featured on Get Up, a morning news show, on the ACTION PACKED NETWORK (apwvt.com). In response to Payton’s criticism of Wilson for not wanting to audibling and his abandoning the Seahawks for a radio job, Clark was adamant that Payton should not have made those comments.

Payton Crossed the Line by Criticizing Wilson

Clark believes that Wilson should be “respected and honored” as one of the greatest players of all time. He argued that Payton had crossed the line by publicly criticizing and belittling Wilson’s leadership. At the same time, he conceded that coaches are sometimes hard on quarterbacks in order to motivate them and get better team performances. However, he also suggested that Payton should have recognized Wilson for his achievements. Overall, Clark believes that no matter how frustrated coaches can get, great players should always be respected.

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