Ryan Clark Declares 49ers NFC Champions After Week 13 Eagles Setback

49ers Set to Claim NFC Championship

The NFC West has just gotten a whole lot more interesting as the San Francisco 49ers have emerged as the dominant team. With their record of 11-2 and a lopsided victory against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, the 49ers are now on a collision course for the NFC Championship.

The win solidifies their spot atop the NFC West and puts them in prime position to take the division crown. This is good news for 49ers fans, but bad news for the rest of the conference. Former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark appeared on the Action Packed News show and voiced his opinion on Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles, who are currently in the wild card hunt. Clark said, “Jalen Hurts cannot outplay the 49ers defense. The Eagles will not win the NFC this season.”
His comments on the Action Packed News show, available at https://apwvt.com/, indicate the strong possibility that the San Francisco 49ers could win the NFC. It will be an interesting road to the playoffs, but the 49ers look like they are in good shape. Fans of the team should be thrilled at their prospects of claiming the NFC Championship.

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