Root and Jaiswal Shine in ICC Men’s Test Rankings

Root climbs to 2nd in ICC Test rankings; India's Jaiswal enters top-10. Exciting shifts for cricket stars Root, Kohli, Sharma, and England cricket team 🏏.

England’s Joe Root has climbed up to the second spot in the ICC’s Test batting rankings, following a dip in form by Australia’s Steven Smith. Root’s unbeaten knock of 122 in the fourth Test against India in Ranchi helped him regain his form after a lackluster performance earlier. He now sits behind New Zealand’s Kane Williamson in the rankings. Meanwhile, young Indian opener Yashasvi Jaiswal has achieved a significant milestone by entering the top-10 of the ICC rankings. Jaiswal joins an esteemed list of only five Indian players who have scored over 600 runs in a Test series. This news comes after a stellar run in the England series where Jaiswal amassed 655 runs, including a double hundred.

Root’s Rise and Jaiswal’s Milestone

Joe Root’s return to form has been marked by his upward movement in the ICC Men’s Test Team Rankings. With his unbeaten century against India, Root has now solidified his position as one of the top batsmen in the Test format. He has shown great resilience and skill, especially considering his initial struggles in the series. On the other hand, Yashasvi Jaiswal’s breakthrough performance has earned him a spot in the top-10 rankings. The young Indian opener’s consistent performance with the bat has impressed cricket fans and experts alike. Breaking into the top-10 is a testament to Jaiswal’s talent and potential.


  • Joe Root rises to second place in the ICC Test batting rankings, behind Kane Williamson.
  • Yashasvi Jaiswal becomes the fifth Indian player to score over 600 runs in a Test series.
  • Jaiswal enters the top-10 of the ICC rankings after a stellar performance in the England series.

“Root struck an unbeaten 122 in the fourth Test against India in Ranchi as he returned to form after scoring just 77 runs across his first…”

“Yashasvi Jaiswal, who has 655 runs in four matches so far including a double hundred was 12th before the start of the week…”

Root’s rise in the rankings showcases his determination to excel in Test cricket and reaffirms his status as a key player for England. Meanwhile, Jaiswal’s achievement highlights his immense potential as a young talent in the Indian cricket team. Both players have showcased their skills and have been instrumental in their team’s success.

Other Notable Changes in the Rankings

In addition to Root and Jaiswal’s rise in the rankings, India’s Rohit Sharma has also made gains, jumping to the 11th spot after a remarkable century in the third Test against England in Rajkot. Furthermore, several Indian players who played pivotal roles in the fourth Test in Ranchi have also reached new career-high rankings. This includes bowler Jasprit Bumrah, who retains the top spot in the ICC rankings, and other match-winners who have been recognized for their outstanding performances.

“A host of India’s match-winners from the fourth Test against England in Ranchi have been rewarded by reaching new career-high ratings…”

Overall, these changes in the ICC Men’s Test Team Rankings reflect the evolving landscape of international cricket and the remarkable performances of players from India and England.

“Hazlewood back into the top ten in T20I rankings while Scholtz, Erasmus of Namibia dazzle too.”

It is worth noting that other notable changes in the rankings include Australia’s Josh Hazlewood making his way back into the top ten in the T20I rankings. Additionally, players like Gerhard Erasmus and JJ Sessanie from Namibia have also impressed with their performances.


The latest ICC Men’s Test Team Rankings reveal Joe Root’s resurgence in form as he moves up to second place, trailing behind Kane Williamson. Indian opener Yashasvi Jaiswal’s breakthrough performance has earned him a spot in the coveted top-10 rankings. These changes highlight the individual achievements and contributions of players like Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah, and others who have made significant strides in their career-high rankings. These rankings reflect the competitive and ever-evolving nature of cricket on the international stage.

“Root, Jaiswal take big strides in ICC Test rankings.”

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