Rohit Sharma’s Hilarious Stump-Mic Banter with Umpire Virender

Rohit Sharma's accidental stump-mic banter steals the spotlight during India vs. England Test match, showcasing his wit and humor on the field.

In a recent Test match between the India national cricket team and the England cricket team, Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma revealed that he never deliberately made any hilarious comments while standing in the slips. The conversations picked up by the stump microphones during the match gained considerable attention, with Sharma’s witty quips becoming a highlight of the game. Sharma, known for his one-liners, decided to address one of his most hilarious stump-mic moments involving umpire Virender Sharma.

Sharma’s Hilarious Stump-Mic Chatters

During the Test match, various instances of Sharma’s funny comments were captured by the stump microphone. As the conversations went viral and gained traction on social media, fans were intrigued by Sharma’s quick wit and humorous commentary on the field. However, the cricketer has now clarified that he did not intentionally make any of these hilarious comments, dismissing any notion that they were premeditated.

Sharma Opens Up About Viral Stump-Mic Exchange

One particular moment that caught the attention of fans was Sharma’s exchange with umpire Virender Sharma, where he humorously questioned why he was still on zero runs. The clip of the interaction went viral, prompting Sharma to address it in an interview. He stated that the comment was made in the heat of the moment and was not intended to create humor. Sharma expressed surprise at the reaction the exchange received and clarified that his focus is always on the game rather than making funny remarks.

“I don’t do this intentionally. That was just one of those things that happened and people found it funny. But it was not intentional from my side. My focus is to do well for the team and that is always paramount,” Sharma said.

Despite the unintentional nature of his stump-mic commentary, Sharma’s quick wit and funny remarks have entertained cricket fans around the world. While they may not be deliberate, these moments add an element of lightheartedness to the game and showcase Sharma’s personality on the field.


  • Rohit Sharma denies deliberately making hilarious comments on the stump mic during a recent Test match against England.
  • Stump microphones picked up Sharma’s witty quips, garnering substantial attention from fans.
  • Sharma clarifies that his humorous remarks were not premeditated.
  • One particular exchange between Sharma and umpire Virender Sharma went viral, with the cricketer addressing it in an interview.
  • Sharma expresses surprise at the reaction but affirms that his focus remains on performing well for the team.
  • Despite their unintentional nature, Sharma’s humorous comments have delighted cricket fans worldwide.
  • Sources: Cricket News, India captain on viral stump-mic chatter with umpire

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