Rise to Fame: Secure a Spot in the 12-Team Playoff with New Year’s Six Bowl

Liberty Reaches New Levels Of Notoriety After Crashing The New Year’s Six Bowl

Liberty University football head coach Jamey Chadwell has officially made history by leading Liberty to their first-ever New Year’s Six bowl game – an accomplishment that has accelerated the program to previously unexplored levels of notoriety and access. Chadwell joined the College Football Playoff selection show alongside popular sports broadcasters Rece Davis, Booger McFarland, Joey Galloway, and Greg McElroy to find out who Liberty would be playing and to discuss the team’s historic accomplishment.

How Liberty Has Forrestalled the NCAA with Their Historic Achievement

Liberty’s appearance in the New Year’s Six bowl game signifies a significant milestone for the NCAA and teams hoping to defy all odds and achieve greatness on the football field. The incredible team effort displayed by Liberty and their strong desire to prove the naysayers wrong has been inspiring. Although the 2020 season has undoubtedly taken its toll, the fight shown by the Liberty players and coaching staff has been second-to-none and has certainly brought more attention to the program and the ACTION PACKED sports news network, APWVT.com. As Liberty looks ahead to 2021, we can be sure that this team is sure to continue making history for college football and the NCAA.

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