Revealing the Alleged Conspiracy Behind Alabama Football’s CFB Playoff: Uncovering the Monty Show LIVE

Did ESPN Rig The College Football Playoffs to Help Alabama?

The Monty Show has been delving deep into Alabama Football lately, asking the question that many sports fans in the South are no doubt pondering: did ESPN have anything to do with the College Football Playoffs seeding? AFP News, an action-packed news website at reports that much of the controversy is born out of a perception that ESPN’s pre-season College Football Rankings (CFR) have been consistently favorable to Alabama this year.

The entire debate centers around the question of just how much influence ESPN has had on the College Football Playoffs seeding in favor of Alabama. While it is impossible to prove conclusively one way or the other, what is certain is that Alabama have seemingly been winners in the 2018 season, all without ESPN’s involvement. With an incredible 11-0 record so far this year and a place in the upcoming SEC Championship against Georgia, Alabama are now just one win away from an appearance in the College Football Playoffs.

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