Remington Arms’ Historic Exodus: Leaving New York for Georgia

Remington Arms bids farewell to historic roots in Ilion, New York, relocating to Georgia. Loss of jobs and economic impact feared.

The Remington gun factory, located in New York’s Mohawk Valley, has announced its decision to close down and relocate to Georgia. This move comes after more than 200 years of operation in New York, marking a significant shift for the village of Ilion. The company’s departure signals the loss of the nation’s oldest gun manufacturer from the state, raising concerns about the village’s economic impact and local identity.

Remington’s Historic Departure from Ilion, New York

Remington Arms, the renowned firearms company with a rich history dating back to 1816, has made the difficult decision to leave its long-standing home in Ilion, New York. The headquarters, which has been a key part of the village’s identity for generations, will now be relocated to a new factory in Georgia. This move signifies a major blow to the region’s economy, as well as the loss of a historic institution. Remington’s departure highlights the challenges faced by companies operating in states with contrasting political and economic environments.

The decision to move from New York to Georgia stems from a range of factors. One of the main reasons cited by Remington is the desire for a more favorable business climate, including lower taxes and regulations. Additionally, the move will bring the company closer to its customer base, particularly in the southern and western regions of the United States.

However, this relocation comes at a significant cost for the village of Ilion, as it will result in the loss of jobs for many residents. Remington has been a key employer in the region for over two centuries, and its departure will undoubtedly have a ripple effect on the local economy. The village itself is expected to suffer greatly, as the company’s presence has been intertwined with its history and culture.

The decision to leave New York for Georgia not only affects the economic well-being of Ilion and its surrounding communities but also raises questions about the state’s ability to retain businesses. The move underscores the challenges faced by economically struggling regions in retaining companies facing increasingly competitive markets and differing business climates. As Remington Arms bids farewell to New York and begins its new chapter in Georgia, both states will need to evaluate their strategies to attract and retain businesses in an evolving economic landscape.


  • Remington, the nation’s oldest gun manufacturer, is leaving its long-standing home in Ilion, New York.
  • The company will relocate to a new factory in Georgia, signaling a significant blow to the local economy.
  • Lower taxes, favorable business climate, and proximity to customers are among the reasons cited for the move.
  • The departure will result in job losses and have a negative impact on the village’s economy and culture.
  • This relocation highlights the challenges faced by economically struggling regions in retaining businesses.

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