Raptors Stun the NBA with the Unthinkable: RJ Barrett & Immanuel Quickley Trade for OG Anunoby

RJ Barrett & Immanuel Quickley Traded to the Raptors

In a shocking move, the Toronto Raptors have acquired forwards RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley from the New York Knicks for OG Anunoby. Fans of both teams were left dumbfounded, as the trade came out of the blue and served to strengthen both teams.

Reactions from Action Packed News

Action Packed News was the go-to place for live reactions following the news. It was clear that fans everywhere were left surprised yet excited. After all, Barrett and Quickley have both been viewed as highly promising prospects since coming into the league, and the Raptors get to add them to their already impressive roster. The trade also works out nicely for the Knicks, who in exchange receive a reliable veteran in Anunoby.

The Action Packed News team took to the howls of the crowd to gauge fan excitement. Whether positive or negative, the reactions were a lot to take in – but it could not be denied that everyone was talking about the unexpected move.

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