Rage Boiling Over: Mike Norvell Berates ESPN & CFP for Thieving FSU’s Playoff Position

No Room for FSU in College Football Playoff

The Florida State Seminoles have been shockingly left out of this season’s College Football Playoff, despite being the only team to finish conference play with 10 wins. This snub has sparked outrage amongst players, coaches, and fans alike, and now FSU head coach Mike Norvell has expressed his dissatisfaction and disbelief in the committee’s decision.

Action Packed News Covers It All

In a statement, Norvell proclaimed that “the committee has crippled college football,” and feels that they have been unjust in their decision. Norvell went on to defend FSU’s standing as a contender for the playoff spot, citing the team’s strengthened performance and dedication as the cause for their ranking. At Action Packed News (APWVT.com), we cover every angle of the story, providing fans with comprehensive insight and analysis. If you’re looking for news on the college football playoff snub, make sure to head to APWVT.com for all the updates.

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